Your Health from head to toes!        



Whether you're at home, in a public or private residence or other institutions, you have the possibility to ask for a nurse clinician to take care of you.

Health is a balance between physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual state. It is false to believe that health is defined only by the absence of disease or infirmity. Thus, when one state is affected, health is no longer in balance. For this reason, a nurse clinician is all you need to evaluate, examine, treat and refer each case in its uniqueness and in a deeply human dimension.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of care offered by ThomasSanté:

Ear wash

Otoscope evaluation, ear wash, eardrum evaluation, and prevention tips.

No medical prescription required.

Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection and self-injection training

Daily, weekly, monthly injection or other frequencies. Possibility of teaching the self-injection technique to the client at his own rhythm for him to become independent.

No prescription required.

Blood pressure measurements

Daily intake of blood pressure for further medical evaluation, advice and support in the use of your personal pressure taking machine, disease prevention and education.

No prescription required.

Glycemia monitoring (blood sugar)

Support with glycemia results collecting. Transmission of results to your doctor for later analysis. Assistance, support and education in capillary blood sugar intakes.

No prescription required.

Wound care, dead skin removing and dressing

Health evaluation as well as the potentials risks of interfering in the wound healing process, wound evaluation, treatment and required care. Conservative surgical dead skin removal without bleeding. Possible bandage changing training to interspace the appointments and give the patient a greater level of autonomy.

No prescription needed.

Evaluation and measurements intakes for compression socks purchase

Complete assessment of your own morphology to acquire compression socks at your size.
Available for compression socks of class 1-2-3

Class 1: Prevention 20-30mmHg
Class 2: Treatment 30-40mmHg
Class 3: Chronic Conditions 40-50mmHg

This assessment can be done with or without a medical prescription but the specific therapy choice belongs to your doctor only.

Ankle Brachial Index now called ankle-brachial systolic pressure index (ABPI)

ABPI is a complementarity test for compression socks measurements. This test may be required by your doctor to complete the initial assessment. This screening test may be sent to your doctor for later analysis. The ABPI assures if compression socks is required or contraindicated for him.

********** Available soon *****************

Complete health evaluation

Health/illness questionnaire and quick review to target a specific external problematic.

Immediate reference to a specific professional resource.

General condition monitoring

Required follow-up after initial appointment.

Medication-taking assistance

Assistance and support in medication-taking as well as complementary appropriate lessons.

Pharmacist collaborative work to create a daily medication pod, which is an increasingly useful tool.

Familiarization and assistance according to your doctor's medical prescriptions.

Relationship and psychological support

Active listening, support and references if needed.

No psychological evaluation.