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Feet are too often taken for granted. Your feet support you all day long and follow you wherever you go. However, when a foot problem slows you down or keeps you from doing your daily activities, a treatment is needed. Thus, the foot care nurse is there to help, soothe and even heal you.

Working hand in hand with the client, the nurse clinician evaluates the feet condition and the main issues, gives some advises, applies a treatment plan, gives a complete foot care, teaches prevention, offers solutions linked to the client needs, and creates a care plan to ensure adequate monitoring.

Specialized nail care services are also available to the client who doesn’t like his nails’ appearance and wishes to have nails reconstruction.

Feel good about yourself and your feet !

Here is a non-exhaustive foot care list offered by ThomasSanté:

Complete foot care

Foot care seems to be an individual act at first glance but it is done considering the person's whole body and in close knowledge of any health issues experienced by the patient.

The first evaluation will identify any potential risk to the structure and appearance of the foot.

Care includes, if needed, cleaning, thinning, cutting and filing of nails for a perfect finish. Reducing horn, calluses and/or corns is an integral part of foot care. It ends with a massage to lessen your lower members' heaviness, your support points or discomfort.

Sometimes, a removable orthesis may be suggested to relieve pain and/or correct a structural condition.

Partial or complete nail reconstruction or onychoplasti

After the nurse evaluation, the partial or complete reconstruction is used as a method of recovery of traumatized nail when the nail is either deformed or partially absent.

UV nail gel helps to restore the natural appearance of the nail, it looks and feels like a real one.

This technique is also used for the correction or relief of the nail suffering due to horn or growth in the flesh of the toe.

Correction of nail curvature or orthonyxie

The use of the metal strip commonly called "clip" can give a more natural nail shape and curvature to the nail, providing the release of pain due to a growth in the flesh of the toe or to a deformity.

The nurse first evaluates the shoes worn by the client and the nail to fix, and then decides of the appropriate treatment.

The clip can be used alone or doubled over, vertically or horizontally, depending on the evaluation of the nurse.

Evaluation of diabetics’ feet

Diabetic clients are more vulnerable and this is why there is a particular attention required in the feet evaluation to prevent potential problems.

The ¨Inlow¨ evaluation, including monofilament test, lets the nurse target the sensitivity losses and identify clients at risk or those who have injuries and/or lower limbs complications. * A copy of this test can be provide for your specialist follow up.

Finally, the nurse evaluates the socks and shoes, teaches good habits and gives the quality care needed.

"When prevention is better than treatment"

Measurements intakes for compression socks purchase

Anyone with a medical prescription for compression socks or wishing to be evaluated in order to obtain compression socks can be supported by the nurse for tips to choose the type of fabric or product. She will be teaching good habits use, and prevention of potential complications.

* A copy of this evaluation can be provided for your specialist follow up.